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Mitchell Animal Hospital

Dog and child sitting together by a pond

Our Facility

Mitchell Animal Hospital's reception area


Clients entering the hospital will be welcomed into a large and bright reception area. A central reception desk allows for easy access from all sides. Set up to accommodate dogs on one side and cats on the opposite side, pet owners need not dread interactions between their pets and others. Shelves stocked with premium pet foods and retail items provide clients with many of their pet's needs in one place. Adjoining the reception area are 5 exam rooms.

Once clients are greeted by the reception staff, a technician will weigh the pet on an electronic scale and escort them into an exam room.

A staff member at Mitchell Animal Hospital filling a prescription order.


Similar to human pharmacies, many different medications are available for treatment and management of disease in pets. Incorporated directly into the hospital, clients are able to obtain their pet's medication immediately.

A room where the surgical procedures occur at Mitchell Animal Hospital


The surgical area is located adjacent to the treatment area.   It is important to have this area isolated from the other areas of the hospital to maintain sterility during surgical procedures.  The surgery suite houses an anesthetic machine, a heated operating table, an overhead surgical light and an instrument table.  To ensure that there is no bacterial contamination into surgical sites,  the instruments used are sterilized in an autoclave.  The autoclave is a sealed chamber that relies on steam pressure and temperature to kill any potentially infectious organisms.   Surgical packs are pre-wrapped with instruments necessary for a variety of procedures.

During an operation, the patient's vital signs are monitored by both machines and assistants.  Vitals such as heart rate, pulse strength, blood oxygen saturation, body temperature, respiratory rate and blood pressure are measured and tracked to ensure safety during surgical procedures.  Often patients who may be older or those undergoing extensive surgery are supported with intravenous fluids.

An area for veterinary treatment at Mitchell Animal Hospital

Treatment Area

The treatment area is one of the busiest areas in the hospital. It is here that hospitalized animals will be examined and treated throughout their hospital stay.

The two large treatment tables located centrally in the room are designed to facilitate handling and care of the animals. Equipped with hot and cold water and composed of a grated table over a deep basin. This design allows waste water to flow away from anesthetized patients undergoing procedures such as dental cleaning or ear flushing, preventing unnecessary wetting and chilling of the patient.

Associated with each table is an anesthetic machine. Each of these units are equipped with isoflurane anesthetic as well as oxygen and nitrous oxide gas. A "scavenger system" removes waste gasses from the patients to prevent health risks to the hospital staff.

Adjoining the treatment area is radiology. In this room, a dental x ray unit and standard x ray machine are housed. A dark room is utilized for developing x rays.

Incorporated into one of the treatment tables is a dental unit. Consisting of a cleaner and polisher, as well as a high-speed dental drill, it allows for proper care and maintenance of patients' teeth.

A small bank of kennels located in the treatment area allows the staff to monitor pets as they recover.

Lab equipment used by Mitchell Animal Hospital


Although most blood work is sent to large laboratories in the Toronto area, the hospital does have the capability of running blood tests should results be necessary quickly. Technicians routinely run pre-anesthetic blood screens and analyze urine and stool samples to assist veterinarians in diagnosing various medical conditions.

Microscopes are used to visualize cells and organisms, such as bacteria and mites, too small to see with the naked eye. Once identified, medical treatment can be tailored to target the organism involved.

An exam room at Mitchell Animal Hospital

Exam Rooms

The examination room is where the veterinarians and technicians interact with the clients and their pets. Each of the 5 exam rooms is equipped with the instruments needed for a complete physical exam. A computer terminal in each room is networked to a central server which allows easy access to files and medical records. No paper records are kept for patients, all examination information is recorded directly into the computer system.

Patients are examined on a stainless steel examination table which allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting between patients.